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    How have the redemption rates of your coupon offers changed in the past year?

  • Market Research

    As part of our commitment to Intelligent Media Delivery, we provide proprietary and syndicated resources 24-7.

    As consumer habits and trends rapidly change, Valassis gives you everything you need to stay updated and informed. Highlights include:

    • Recent learnings about consumer demographics
    • Prosper reports highlighting your area of business
    • Calendar of Events
    • Success Stories demonstrating winning marketing programs
    Have gas prices impacted shopping behavior?
    Still focusing on needs and deals, but shopping less often

    Approach to Shopping
  •    Target Map

    Targeting Demo

    Whether you want to cover the entire country or focus on specific neighborhoods, we can hone in on the best ZIP Codes (newspaper) and sub-ZIP codes (shared mail) to achieve your objectives.

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  • Case Studies

    Learn why clients turn to Valassis when it comes to delivering value.


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    Source: How America shops and spends, NAA,2011