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  • Traffic data: How can store layouts be improved? How did our marketing affect traffic levels?
  • Visitor volume: What are our busiest days and times?
  • Pathing by aisle: What different paths do different customers take?
  • Visit frequency: How often do customers visit? How long do they stay?
  • Neighborhood demographics: What are the demographics around different stores?
  • Dwell time: Where are people spending time in store? Which areas have high/low conversion compared with traffic & dwell?

Increase sales with more impactful marketing

Pathpoint brings the benefits of online measurement to brick-and-mortar stores with our in-store technology and analytics

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Grow loyalty with a better in-store shopping experience

Base product mix and customer service staffing levels on neighborhood demographics and shopper volume

Lower operating expenses with optimized operations

With traffic volume and visitation data, you can match staffing and product levels for improved efficiency


Meet Pathpoint

Pathpoint sensors and analytics bring you valuable customer behavior for improving the in-store experience.

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With comprehensive store coverage, our sensors provide detailed and accurate insights on shopper traffic patterns

Hassle-free installation and maintenance

We provide complete installation, maintenance, and upgrades

Complete measurement

Our sensors are not constrained by walls or other physical barriers to provide highly accurate location data

No app download required

We offer full store coverage without the need for customer interaction

Data analysis your way

Choose how you access and analyze your data – through our analytics dashboard or your own analytics tool


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More accurate customer counts and dwell data for meaningful, granular insights

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Choose how you use your data – in our analytics dashboard or your own visualization tool

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Our 40 years of consumer intelligence expertise bridges the gap from data to insights and drives retail success

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Sensors run independently of retailer network and no personal information is collected

Works without app download check X
Sees all customers inside the store check X
Provides individual pathing with clear lines of sight check X
Detects dwell time in a department check X
Measures length of shopping trip check X


We’re happy to help businesses big and small – to plan, activate and measure campaigns that inspire consumers and lift results.


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